16 October 2008

Day 51 of 365: We've hit the big time!!

Leaving school and on my way to the first of 3 tutoring jobs today, there was a big traffic line getting through the light. As I approach, I see all this! There were also huge catering and equipment trucks (nearly 18 wheelers) in the tiny parking lot, as well. I snapped this from inside my car, while trying not to hold up traffic any more than it was. I found out later that apparently Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are filming a movie in my little suburb town! This is literally .65 miles from my apartment (I know that because I run by here all the time!) Pretty exciting. I called my sister and she couldn't believe I didn't stop. She just said to me "But what if it is JUDE LAW?!" I told her that unfortunately, I had to go tutor! Ashton's a bit too young for me. ;)


UK Christine =^..^= said...

That's fun!! :) We just moved from Texas and I worked for the City of Arlington. They filmed part of an episode of Prison Break just down the road from City Hall where I worked. It was great, I went over on my two breaks, during my lunch and after work. We got to meet Dominic Purcell (Lincoln Burrows on the show) and get our picture with him. It was tons of fun!! :)

mikecnichols said...

That's neat Beth! I really like Ashton Kutcher. I think he is childish in a lot of his comedy, but overall really good.