24 October 2008

Day 59 of 365: The lighthouse

This is the lighthouse. A giant, plastic lighthouse that gets passed from teacher to teacher at our school (which explains why it's slightly crooked!!) There's a program called "Lighthouse Class of the Week" that the students do. They nominate a teacher and class period to be the recipient. They give reasons why the teacher is deserving, then the administration (?) vote on the week's winner and present the giant plastic lighthouse and a framed certificate to the teacher! It's very sweet and really is quite an honor since the students themselves nominate you. I missed the original announcement on the school morning announcements Monday (I wasn't at school that day!) but today, I came into my classroom and it was sitting on my desk, along with the certificate and mints for each of the students. They were very excited and proud that we won. So am I. :)