07 October 2008

Day 42 of 365: Happy Birthday Mandy!

She looks kind of evil there, but she's really not! She's just a total goofball hamming it up for the camera. It was her 31st birthday today. We purposely posed the candles with the 1 lying down like that just to be funny, I suppose. We went to a place called Fontaines that's known for its raw oysters. Being the veg, I passed on them and went for the fettucine alfredo with broccoli. Oh, and 3 beers. ;) We had a good time. I'm glad I am off tomorrow from work (pre-scheduled doctor's appointment) and could hang out with her and friends on a Tuesday night. I even got to see our mutual friend Nenna from the old Container Store days who I haven't seen in years! Good times... :)

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