01 October 2008

Day 36 of 365: Maroon 5!!

I will be uploading a photo of the boys shortly! I won't be home till after midnight from the concert so I wanted to go ahead and make a post place holder! :)

I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!!!

EDIT: So that's the photo I chose. It was difficult! I have several really great shots (and many good ones!) I was able to be right close to the stage. It was so amazing! I had a great time. I still can't believe I was there, and Adam was there, and I was close, and he was close! LOL The group sounded great, too! They only played an hour and fifteen minutes or so- all the hits, plus a few unexpected ones- Tangled, Sweet Kiwi, cover of that Chris Isaak song (was great!), then they went off stage for a minute and then came back for an encore. Sadly they only played one song (Harder to Breathe! Can't believe I didn't realize they hadn't done it yet!!) I got some video of it, which is great picture quality wise, but the sound is bad. I got shivers when they did Won't Go Home Without You. Wow wow wow. He put on a great show. I look forward to seeing them again soon, whenever they come on their own!!! (Counting Crows was double billed with them- thus the short set. While entertaining, I really wanted to see Maroon 5. :( )


UK Christine =^..^= said...

Wow you were really close!! I bet it was an awesome concert... :)

Lucky Dragonfly said...

gosh! look how close you were! you could almost touch him!