14 March 2009

Day 200 of 365: Joyeux Anniversaire Maman!

We celebrated my mom's birthday today by going to my favorite French restaurant in Atlanta! This Citroen 2CV is outside the front door. I love this car! Despite the grey rainy day, it just really reminds me of France. :)

13 March 2009

Day 199 of 365: Help!

So I went back to the doctor today since I was feeling worse. (See last night's wine experiment which did NOT work unfortunately.) The doctor I had today was much better. It seemed he actually gave a carp and listened to what I was saying. He prescribed a zPack and nasonex for me. He even suggested I get a shot of steroids to jump start the recovery! It was a shot in my ass and it was kinda achy after, but I've been lifting 50 pound weights all afternoon with my left butt cheek! :D I do feel a little better. The oncoming sinus infection seems to have bit the dust. It's mainly just the coughing. I think I'll have to sleep sitting up again, though. As long as I can sleep, I'll be happy!

12 March 2009

Day 198 of 365: More whine, please

Everyone seems to think a little alkeehol will help with the sore throat. So far, I'm not convinced. I did get to enjoy 3 glasses of wine tonight, though. It was all in the interest of science, mind! I'll report more conclusive results tomorrow, I hope.

11 March 2009

Day 197 of 365: New tunes

I had fun tonight uploading CDs to my itunes to transfer to my new ipod. I should be able to enjoy them at school Friday, since it's a teacher workday. Woo! Dancing in the classroom!

10 March 2009

Day 196 of 365: Zen perfection?

Yes, I think a clean kitchen (especially the next morning!!) is as close to zen perfection as I can get these days! *sigh* :)

09 March 2009

Day 195 of 365: Giving in..

I've had a nasty sore throat and clogged ears and nose since last Friday. I finally gave in and went to see the doctor. Bleh. Waited about 30 minutes and they did a rapid strep test. The doctor came in and said the test was negative and basically I've got a cold and there's nothing I can do. Booooooooo. He said I should be "turning a corner" in a couple of days or so. Doesn't he realize I have a half marathon in 2 1/2 weeks?? I need to run! I can't be sick any longer. Grf.

08 March 2009

Day 194 of 365: Semi-homemade

I was in the supermarket today and suddenly became inspired to make pizza. I used pre-made dough and sauce, but put the rest together myself- olives, onion, yellow pepper and fake pepperoni. I used 6 cheese Italian blend cheese and sprinkled Italian herbs on top after cooking. Yummy! I have enough for another meal later in the week, too. I'm already looking forward to lunch tomorrow!

07 March 2009

Day 193 of 365: Amazon is Amazin'!

I ordered these on Tuesday maybe? They shipped Wednesday and arrived Saturday!! Woot! I used the free super saver shipping option, too (supposedly the slow boat shipping). I'm very impressed and of course ecstatic to have my new stuff! The book looks good so far and the ipod case is working very well! Looks sharp.

06 March 2009

Day 192 of 365: The big city!!

I was downtown for a French teachers' conference and walked a few blocks to lunch. Not only was it such a beautiful day, I got to be outside! In the city! Having a proper lunch like normal people do!!! I passed this church along the way. I only wish I could work in a city all the time. School can feel like prison sometimes when I don't even get to leave my classroom most of the day. I had a great time!!! Refreshing change of pace to be sure. :)

05 March 2009

Day 191 of 365: You say it's your birthday!

This is a close up of my door at school. The students wrapped my door as a "surprise" for my birthday (they've been telling me they would do it for weeks now! lol) Can you see the mini Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower stickers? There were also Mona Lisa and French flags and stuff. It was very sweet!!

04 March 2009

Day 190 of 365: Flogging Molly

I bought Flogging Molly tickets for Mandy for Christmas and today was the show! I didn't really know much about their music except that it was supposedly "Irish" and "Punk". Well, I have to say, it was a fun show! I liked it even more than I thought I would. This is the lead singer doing a solo acoustic song. I definitely need to get a copy of some of their songs. I hope to go back to another show some day.

03 March 2009

Day 189 of 365: Electric Slide

We had a lunch time Lighthouse schools (sort of like School of Excellence) celebration for the students, where they got an extra 30 minutes at lunch to go into the gym where there was a mini dance going on, DJ and all! Well, the DJ decided to do a dance off between the teachers vs. the students. The song? Electric slide! The teachers got up on stage (not me of course!!) and immediately had the kids beat! The students were tripping over their feet while the teachers were instantly in sync showing off their dance moves! It was a nice treat for everyone, I think. The teachers were definitely getting down!

02 March 2009

day 188 of 365: Lo-lo-lo-lo- Lole

I had planned on taking a photo of the beautiful "snow day" we had today (no snow to be seen once I got out and about this afternoon...) but I was already on my way to work when I tried to take the photo and the camera reminded me I'd forgotten to replace the memory card. Ah well. I got this new shirt at the shop tonight however (woot for employee discount!) It's a bit wrinkled from being folded up in the bag, but you get the idea. It's so cute and I can't wait till it's warm again! I have several skirts it will look so cute with! Lole is the cute, casual line we carry in the shop. I love their clothes and am already eyeing a couple of other pieces. I have to act quickly because the normal person sizes sell out quickly.

And yes, this was taken in my bathroom. No judging please! It was just the one place I could hang the shirt to take the photo!

01 March 2009

Day 187 of 365: Snow, Snow, Everywhere Snow!

Yep, this is really from today, here in Georgia!! I didn't go to Canada or anything!! These are the trees behind the parking lot here at my apartment complex. The snow was coming down very heavy and in huge flakes. There was even some "thunder snow"- basically I saw a flash of lightening and heard a bunch of thunder! It was cool considering you don't normally hear thunder while it's snowing.

The snow mainly was sticking on the grassy areas and not on the pavement. However, since it is very wet with lots of puddles all around, and it's supposed to drop down into the 20s, we're hoping it will freeze on the roads and we won't have school tomorrow! I think this is our last chance!! Cross your fingers! :)