30 November 2008

Day 96 of 365: Crack!

These are called "Crash Hot Potatoes". A friend of mine referred me to the recipe here, after she tried them recently. I am calling them "Crack potatoes" since you have to crack them open before you cook them in the oven and they are addictive like crack. I keep going back and nibbling on the leftovers which should be for tomorrow's lunch! Oops. So easy and delicious!!! I see these becoming a regular on my dinner table. :)

29 November 2008

Day 95 of 365: So what had happened was....

Honestly, this is the picture I intended to take yesterday, but forgot. I got home and couldn't be bothered to get dressed again and go out.... so I know, "cheater cheater pumpkin eater". Oh well, I've been pretty good so far! But anyway, look at that price! And at Kroger, you get another 3 cents off with your Kroger plus card! In just a week, the price has fallen another 12-15 cents! It's crazy. Of course, now I have a full tank, since I filled up the other day for $1.67. Damn!

28 November 2008

Day 94 of 365: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

People have started putting on the Christmas lights. I love it! This is honestly my favorite thing about the season and I always get sad after Christmas when people start taking them down. Since it's been a fairly good year for me, and I'm once again feeling the Christmas spirit, I will be getting my own tree to put up this weekend. :)

27 November 2008

Day 93 of 365: Thankful for feet

As much as they hurt right now, they carried me 13.1 miles this morning. Some running, some walking, but I made it. And oh yeah, the rest of me is in pain as well! Can we say stiff???? Oh well, this will remind me that I really DO need to go out for that 2 miler (or whatever it is I'm putting off at the moment!)

26 November 2008

Day 92 of 365: SIGNS

About the only time I ever go to our local art museum (the High Museum of Art) is when we have exhibits. They do get pretty good ones here (we've been getting rotating ones from the Louvre for the past three years) I'm looking forward to going to see this one. It just opened a week ago.

I do have to say that it was a lovely day to be downtown today. I really love being in the city and I try to enjoy it every time I get the chance to walk around down there. It's also nice to see "city stuff"- the tall buildings, crosswalks, subway, folks on the sidewalks, signs, etc.... That's what I was thinking about when I was sitting in my car waiting for the light to change (so I could get onto the highway) as I looked up and saw this sign. Then I snapped out of it in time to remember to take a picture of it for the blog! I would have saved the theme tomorrow, but since it's going to be Thanksgiving, I figured I'd go ahead and do it today!

25 November 2008

Day 91 of 365: F%$#&@*~!!!!

Isn't she a beauty?? My new combo modem/wireless router! $139 later.... Stupid Comcast internet blew my router and modem this morning. They kept giving me the run around about how it was not their fault. I went out and got this new one tonight at Best Buy and got connected within a few minutes. Luckily, the guy at Best Buy was familiar with Comcast and was able to point me in the right direction! This combo one was cheaper than buying two separate ones. At least now I can stop "renting" the other one from Comcast.

One funny aside from when I went to Best Buy. Since both the modem and router wouldn't even power up anymore, I took them into the store to make sure that I wasn't just doing something wrong. As I walked up to their Geek Squad tech counter, I calmly asked if Chuck was there. You know, Chuck from the show "Chuck" who works at Buy More?? LOL The guy just said "oh, Chuck's already gone home!" I had to explain it to him! At east it calmed me down, since at this point I was livid after dealing with Comcast customer non-service!

24 November 2008

Day 90 of 365: Rainy days and Mondays always get me down....

This was my rear view on the way to the running shop tonight. Lots and lots of rain causing lots and lots of traffic. I just liked the effect of the rain and the mirror and the headlights.

23 November 2008

Day 89 of 365: Lookie what I bought today!

I just watched this today on tv, but I had to get my own copy! I found this one on sale at Target! Pardon the crap picture, but there were tons of people around looking and I was trying to hurry.

Seriously, though. How did I miss this movie before?? It's so sappily wonderful! :)

22 November 2008


Fun and exciting stuff at the hockey game tonight! Several fights broke out (even one involving my boy Eric Perrin!! He NEVER fights!) and I was able to capture this one using continuous shooting on my camera. I'm going to post the entire series on my facebook. I'll post a link to it here once I do. :)

Just ONE of the many reasons I LOVE hockey!!

21 November 2008

Day 87 of 365: Ok, so I tried!

After being told how easy making homemade tortillas was, I thought I'd give it a go tonight. I was going to make fajitas (with mushrooms and asparagus!). Um, yeah. These were kind of a pain. They are way too thick and I think I needed more water really to make them stick together. I tried to make them the way I saw the ladies in Honduras make them when I was there so many years ago. Apparently, it's not as easy as it looks! I thought a tortilla press was just a gimmick. I will be buying a tortilla press this weekend, I think! I never got around to making the fajitas. After all that effort, I couldn't really be bothered! I made a salad later instead.

20 November 2008

Day 86 of 365

Outside my school as I left today. It was a beautiful day, to be sure! But what happened to all the leaves? It was autumn just a week ago or so. It's starting to look more like winter every day now. At least it's not freezing cold (for the moment).

By the way, I was this close to going to the Pittsburgh-Atlanta game tonight (with killer seats!) Mandy couldn't go in the end, so I just came home and made a nice dinner instead. I will have a nice photo of hockey on Saturday, though. :)

19 November 2008

Day 85 of 365: Talk about HAPPINESS!!!

Happiness is getting gas/petrol for $1.77 per gallon!!!!!!!!!!! I filled up (with my tank on empty/light on...) for $26! 14.6 gallons, too! Now THIS is how I can save more money for the move. Loving it!

18 November 2008

Day 84 of 365: TIME!

Been at work already 6 1/2 hours. I still have another 6 hours to go, too. *Sigh*

17 November 2008

Day 83 of 365: TBA!

I"m posting this space holder, since I took the photo, but the batteries died and I can't upload the picture until the batteries charge again. I will post it when they are ready....

My classroom wall, all ready for the Lighthouse Committee visit. We got all gussied
up for the visitors. They never even came to visit my room, though, so it was a wasted effort! Oh well. I've piqued the 7th graders' curiosity about the project since they know that they'll have to do the same project later in the year.

16 November 2008

Day 82 of 365: Envy!

I should have gone to this game!!! But my damn working schedule had me working till 7 and I wouldn't have made it till half way through the game. :( My friend was texting me major updates, including when my favorite player (you can read about it in the second paragraph of this article!) scored his first goal of the season! I can't believe I missed it. I guess this reminds me that I need to take some time for myself and things I like to do! I haven't been doing that (hardly any running, either). I can't go to the very next game as it's on Thursday night and I will be tutoring until well into start time, but Saturday I will be going! I'm already planning on seeing about arranging who's coming with me and maybe even going for dinner before or drinks after. I think I need a nice night out! :)

Day 81 of 365: Pride? (take 2)

I found this when I cleaned out my fridge today (so, PROUD for finally getting it done!) You think it's too cold in the back there? It's actually frozen solid inside. Stupid cheap apartment fridges.

15 November 2008

Day 81 of 365

I really just don't have anything I can photograph for today. I may have to deal with it tomorrow. But, I didn't forget. Just *that* uninspired.

14 November 2008

Day 80 of 365: Wrath?

Ok, I was going to eat just a little and be all proud of my self-control. Instead, I'm feeling wrath that this candy isn't bigger! LOL

13 November 2008

Day 79 of 365: Greed!

Mwahahahaha!! Mine! All mine! The best part about being single? Not having to share my chocolate! Woohoo!

12 November 2008

Day 78 of 365: Sloth

I got home at 5:20 today (instead of the usual 7:30 or later). So, being both sick and exhausted, this was where I spent my evening. I know, I know, put the shirt up already and straighten up those wires! You should see the coffee table that is just out of the shot to the left. :(

11 November 2008

Day 77 of 365: Lust

Yes, I know what you're thinking.. lust/bed- way too easy, right? But ah! You'd be wrong! This isn't about the bed. It's about my lovely electric blanket you see on top there. To the right is the controller, by the way. I have never been so happy about getting into bed as when I've got the blanket on the bed! It was a Christmas present last year from my parents. Best.present.ever! Saves me tons on heating bills (yay!) and is soooooooo comfy! As soon as I have the motivation, I will actually put it under my duvet and on top of the sheet. Works better that way. :)

Oh, and yes I'm a lotion freak! I don't know why, but I just love having many different varieties! There's even one there from London this summer. :)

10 November 2008

Day 76 of 365: Gluttony

What was I thinking? I was originally just signing up for Sunday and Thursday papers. Instead, he said he would throw in the whole week for free. I'm already 5 days behind. Oh the guilt! I will be visiting the recycling bin I suppose. :(

09 November 2008

Day 75 of 365: Sick again

Guess where I got to go this afternoon. Luckily it's not strep, despite the intense sore throat. I think (and so does the doctor) that it's just a regular old sinus infection. Lovely. He gave a prescription for a z pack that I will fill if I'm not better by Tuesday. Hopefully it won't last that long. I see lots and lots of hot tea in my near future!

08 November 2008

Day 74 of 365: Retail therapy

Ok, so it seems I needed a bit of shopping and pampering! I had fun, but my debit card is on fire I think. Ooops. It was all worth it, though! :) Plus, I discovered we have a Lush store here in Atlanta! I got some fun soap to try them out!

07 November 2008

Day 73 of 365: Lookie what we got in GA now!

It's a bit blurry, but I'm so tired I can't be bothered to take more pictures. I think you get the point anyway! :) Yum!

06 November 2008

Day 72 of 365: LIGHT

My attempt at capturing the cool mid-morning light reflecting in through one of the windows of my classroom. There are bushes outside the window that filter it like this and the desks just glow. No wonder the students always end up pushing this row next to the wall and window (they're actually supposed to be a couple of feet away). I don't blame them. I love the window view, too!

05 November 2008

Day 71 of 365: Something New!

This is rappini. I found a recipe that calls for broccoli rabe and this is the closest thing I could find at Kroger tonight. So, I'm trying it! Pasta, (fake veggie) sausage, broth, garlic, rappini, hot pepper flakes, bit of butter, parmesan cheese and voila! Dinner! :) We'll see how it is in a few minutes....

04 November 2008

Day 70 of 365: VOTE!

So here's my electronic ballot! I waited 1 hr 15 to vote today. Not too bad considering what people had been waiting in other locations. Sorry for the bad quality. I was trying to take the pics on the down low without getting noticed! Guess you now know who I voted for, too..... ;)

03 November 2008

Day 69 of 365: Oh evil, evil chocolate

Vestiges of Halloween candy! Sadly, I left them in my car unknowingly, and they are a little warped from melting, then hardening again. Oh well. Should taste the same going down, eh? ;)

02 November 2008

Day 68 of 365: Homeward bound...

The colors of the sunset as we drove this evening were spectacular. I wanted to take one out of the window, but at 80 mph there was just too much wind. Oh well. It was worth a try. I think we were in South Carolina by this point. I have a feeling that this route is going to get a LOT more familiar over the next year!! I already miss little Willow. I can't wait till we go back up to Virginia in December!!

01 November 2008

Day 67 of 365: Beer Beer Beer!

Can I just say how much I love small towns?? My sister, the UGA fan, had to watch the GA-FL game. Since baby Willow (and her mom!) were sleeping, we decided to hit up the bar across the street from our hotel. I'm not an American football fan, but I am a beer fan! They have Yuengling on tap here (which up until last Monday, has NOT been available in Georgia) and we wanted to take advantage. After our first round of pints, the waitress informed us that it was now happy hour and 32 oz glasses were $2.75!! (Same price as the pints had been, which already was a bargain!) We had a good time and definitely took advantage of happy hour!!! Sadly for my sister, though, GA was smashed something like 42-10??

Oh well. There's always next year, right?