06 October 2008

Day 41 of 365: My School (Not quite as exciting as cock soup, though)

Here's the entrance to my school where I teach! It's fairly standard design for all the schools around here. In fact, I worked at another local middle school down the street before coming here, and it has the exact same layout, only mirror image! It took some getting used to when I first came here, especially since my room was on the same hallway as it was before. I still sometimes get turned around if I'm not thinking!

There are a few parents milling about the breezeway there. They are on the beautification committee, I believe. They were discussing whether or not to put in pavers (stone steps) leading to the grass from the sidewalk and if they thought the kids would actually use them! I'm pretty sure they wouldn't!!

1 comment:

Meg said...

Why use a "path" that is clearly marked for walking when you can traipse through delicate flower beds? Duh! :-P