08 October 2008

day 43 of 365: Practice

Here are some of the boys doing a drill (sort of like "suicides" in basketball). It's difficult taking photos through the glass by the ice, but I think this one turned out well. It was really fun watching them practice and interact with each other! Eric Perrin seems to be a joker (was laughing several times with other players). When Eric Christensen fell on the ice at one point (while going for a goal) everyone burst into laughter! At least they have fun. It's good to see some kind of chemistry between the players. Let's hope it can translate to a good season!

And sorry to "cheat", but here are a few others taken with players that I wanted to include as a sort of PS to this post. :)

Bryan Little with me (pardon the "I just rolled out of bed" look, but it was rainy and I was really tired!)

Garnett Exelby with me

Johan Hedberg (goalie, obviously) and me! I had asked him if it was ok to call him Hedberg instead of "moose" as most fans call him! He told me I could call him whatever I liked. :)

Mandy with Colby Armstrong. She likes him a lot (and so do I now!) since he's from the Pittsburgh Penguins which is her favorite team!!

This is me with Tobias Enstrom. I was about to kill my sister because she couldn't work my camera!!!! I felt like an idiot!!!!!


Frankie said...

Can you say groupie =)

Sporting two of your favorite things, your new Maroon 5 shirt and hockey players in your ams lol.

And I can attest, those drills are a real pita. I did enough of them as a kid.

Beth said...

It's what was clean that morning! LOL I realized after the fact about the tshirt. Oh well....