25 October 2008

Day 60 of 365: Proper curry in the US?

Went to Whole Foods today after work to get some steel cut oatmeal. Then I see this fabulous new curry sauce that appears to be pretty authentic and ready to use (in fresh veg area, not canned foods). Of course I decide at that point that I just MUST try it. It was a bit expensive (on sale for $6.49!!) but when I thought about how much it is to buy restaurant indian food that's not nearly as good, I figured why not? So I got some nice organic mushrooms and jalapenos and a can of garbanzos to add to it, along with some basmati brown rice and naan bread! I also added some onion and quorn chicken I already had at home. I'm so excited about the naan! I heated it up on the stove with a tiny bit of olive oil and it was soooooo good. Went great with the curry (which was also fantastic!). Easy to use and tasted very authentic.

A couple of sidenotes:
-I'm definitely learning more about the features of my camera! I learned how to adjust the flash intensity with this picture. I can't stand when the flash is too bright and bounces off the subject. That's a useful feature of the camera! :)
-Also, I brought my WF London bag with me today into WF. A worker brought me over to his manager to meet him and show him my bag! The manager had not been to the London store, but knew about it and had visited it "virtually" (I assume they have some online feature to do so). We chatted for a bit about the store in London and also about the changes to the local store here. It may be a long shot, but can't hurt to have a contact there in my back pocket. Who knows, right??


Lucky Dragonfly said...

OOooo they do a lurvely korma sauce in a round tub...its yum! tastes like a proper curry house curry if you put 1 tablespoon of sugar in at as its cooking! Yum!!

Beth said...

I wonder if that's the one I got. I got Vindaloo flavor, but they had several varieties. It came in a tub, too.