12 October 2008

Day 47 of 365: Autumn is here!

I saw this scene as I drove to tutoring this afternoon and decided to come back and photograph it. This is along Park Bridge Parkway that is about a quarter mile from my apartment. I have gone running along this road in the past (there's a paved sidewalk on the right, there) but I don't like the killer hills or the fact that the sidewalk is very uneven. I'm so paranoid I will fall and twist an ankle on it!

I like the light in this photo. It's about 5:00pm and you can really tell that it is changing to full-on Autumn. This is also part of my morning route to work. It's usually speeding by me at 60mph at that point, though! Uh, I mean, I totally respect the speed limit wherever I drive....

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UK Christine =^..^= said...

What a beautiful shot! The green is so nice..