02 September 2008

Day 7 of 365- Butterfly bushes

As mentioned before, here is a photo of the butterfly bush (one of them at least) outside my classroom window. I have to admit I will miss this view! It's so beautiful! These are possibly my favorite bushes! :) They haven't been attracting many butterflies lately- just bumblebees. It's sad when they cut the bushes down in the winter. Not sure why they do that actually.


Helen said...

I don't think you'll find any shortage of budleia over here! It's everywhere!

Beth said...

Cool! Thanks for the info! They are a plant native to Georgia so I have no idea where else they grow. Nor would I have know what "Budleia" is. We've always called them Butterfly Bush!

Helen said...

They're the same thing! Budleia is just the "real" name for butterfly bush. I lived in Rhode Island, and people used both names. :)