05 September 2008

Day 10 of 365- Visit from Mandy!

My sister came over for dinner tonight! :) I had a crap day at work and she came over so I could cook for us! Yeah, she's so sweet and supportive like that. (Especially the part about ME cooking for HER!) Hehe. It was nice to have a visitor however. We caught up on some fun chat, photos, and Men in Trees finale and me on Graham Norton show!!!! Fun fun! :)


Helen said...

You were on Graham Norton??

Beth said...

Yes, I was actually! OK, not as a guest, but I was sitting in the audience right behind the person he had come out to interview (about phobias)! I was clearly on camera for a good while! I went to a taping with a friend when I was in London in July. It was the episode with Catherine Tate and James Nesbitt. Fun thing is that it aired in the UK AND here (on BBCA!) so I've been on TV in 2 different countries! Hehe! It was so much fun!! :)