07 September 2008

Day 12 of 365- Augelu

Here's my one and only last hamster (for now... waiting till I get over there to get a new one). Been many years since I've only had 1 hamster at once to take care off. Sadly, two died over the summer while I was in Italy. Augelu is missing one eye and going blind (cataract?) in the other. Poor little girl. I rescued her from the pet store when I went in to buy food for my other hamsters at the time. She was clearly being "bullied" by the others in the cage. I convinced them to give her to me for free since no one will buy a one-eyed hamster. I'm pretty sure the eye injuries came from the other hamsters there. However, she now seems pretty content running and messing with her food (methodically moving it to each corner!) and making a nice little nest for herself. She loves the old paper rolls and makes quick work of them for her nest!


Lucky Dragonfly said...

Ahhhh! I love the one eyed hammy! she is cute as cute can be! :o)

Give her a carrot piece from me or a little piece of cheese!


LuckyCuz xx

T said...

Awwww... Beth: Rescuer of Hamsters!