22 September 2008

Day 27 of 365: Can we say "panic"??

Yep. Out of gas! Well, not exactly, but they only had premium at $4.26/gallon. Yes, I know. That's nothing compared to what they pay in Europe, but to be honest, I won't be paying for any gas in Europe (at least not directly) since I won't even have a car!! This supposed shortage of gasoline has been mainly created by the sensationalist news coverage since the first day of Hurricane Ike last week saying that we are going to run out any minute!! Run for your lives! Well, get in your vehicles and queue up at the stations for ages to buy more gas than you need!!! Some areas of Atlanta are just fine, others are rationing (someone today told me that they are limiting purchases to $15 in Canton). I just got $15 (3.5 gallons!) worth since I had to get premium. I hope that lasts me through next week when prices (hopefully) fall a bit and we can get regular again. So annoying. Why do people believe everything they hear on tv???

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