28 September 2008

Day 33 of 365: FULL! (PHEW)

Yep, this is really what it looks like at the only gas station within about 10 miles of me to have gas! (Though we later got word that the Shell station nearby got gas while we waited...) When I got there, it wasn't as bad. SO glad I got there when I did to get a good place in line (second). There was actually no gas yet, but the word on the street was that it was coming.... It was supposed to have been delivered early that morning, but hadn't been. A tanker passed by and honked its horn and the Chevron worker thought it might be her tanker going to its other station first, but letting us know it was on the way. It still would be at least an hour or so.

Of course in these types of situations, you end up bonding with the others around you (which we did). I cleaned the outside and inside of my car (well, as best I could without water and a vacuum.) I was working on my trunk for about 30 minutes when the lady who worked at the station came out and said that there was in fact regular gasoline we could get. It was there the whole time, in fact! I waited nearly 1 1/2 hrs for nothing???? When I asked her why she didn't say that to begin with and she said "I wasn't allowed to." Huh???????? I have to doubt whether I will ever go to that station ever again now. Pretty scummy, in my opinion.

The guy in front of me had gone home (across the street) in the meantime and left his phone number to call him if the gas came. He seemed a bit peeved that I had already started pumping into my car before he got there, but oh well. He got to go home and I had to stay there! In the end, this was how much gas I got:

I announced how much it said and a guy near me said I couldn't leave it like that!!! He insisted that I should just dump a little more or something! LOL Unfortunately, Boyd had already jumped on the pump at this point, so it was too late....


mikecnichols said...

Man...I'm so glad we're not having this crisis. Gas here is $3.57 for reg and seems to keep dropping every couple days.

Beth said...

Yeah, it was like that right before Ike. This crisis was artificially created. If the media hadn't gone on and on about it, then it would have been fine. Perhaps a few stations would have been out, but not like this. They say it will be 2 more weeks of this crap!