12 September 2008

Day 17 of 365: Food!

Today was the first of the PTA sponsored luncheons for the teachers! Yippee! Obviously, it was italian food today. I love this sign. Someone took the time to look up how to say those things for us! :) I have to say, the PTA here at this school is so wonderful!! They really take care of the teachers, especially with food. We get these lunches about once every 2 months. It's such a treat. Sometimes they cater the main stuff, but they always get parent volunteers to bring in extras like side dishes, salads and homemade desserts! I got tiramisu (heavenly!) and 2 brownies made with marscapone cheese!!!

For those of us who aren't allowed to even leave the building for lunch, it's so nice to be able to have something totally different to change up the routine a bit. It's also nice to be appreciated! :)

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