27 September 2008

Day 32 of 365: EMPTY!

Really not sure what I'm going to do if I can't find any gas by tomorrow. I found one place (off Jones Bridge at Kimball) but the line was about 100 cars long (no exaggeration) and I don't have enough to sit and wait that long. I probably should just go out super early morning tomorrow and try then. I'm so afraid that there won't be any gas and then I'll still run out! I wish the media would just start saying that there's plenty of gas now and people can stop panicking. *sigh*


Kelly said...

Hey! I'm in Cumming GA and there is a Chevron that is supposed to have gas on Sunday am delivered between 6~8am. It's off exit 14 on 400. Also the BP had gas earlier off exit 14. Not sure if they have gas now. Scary!!! Hope you find gas.

Lucky Dragonfly said...


Beth said...

Yes it is. No public transport so I'm pretty much screwed if I don't find some very soon!!!

Thanks for the tips Kelly. I may not even have enough to get to exit 14 though. Gonna try down here at exit 10 first!