11 November 2008

Day 77 of 365: Lust

Yes, I know what you're thinking.. lust/bed- way too easy, right? But ah! You'd be wrong! This isn't about the bed. It's about my lovely electric blanket you see on top there. To the right is the controller, by the way. I have never been so happy about getting into bed as when I've got the blanket on the bed! It was a Christmas present last year from my parents. Best.present.ever! Saves me tons on heating bills (yay!) and is soooooooo comfy! As soon as I have the motivation, I will actually put it under my duvet and on top of the sheet. Works better that way. :)

Oh, and yes I'm a lotion freak! I don't know why, but I just love having many different varieties! There's even one there from London this summer. :)

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