09 November 2008

Day 75 of 365: Sick again

Guess where I got to go this afternoon. Luckily it's not strep, despite the intense sore throat. I think (and so does the doctor) that it's just a regular old sinus infection. Lovely. He gave a prescription for a z pack that I will fill if I'm not better by Tuesday. Hopefully it won't last that long. I see lots and lots of hot tea in my near future!


ceelynn said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear you are ill Beth. I hope you at least get a sick day involving lots of lounging around, drinking tea and watching crap TV to make up for it :)

Beth said...

Thanks, I got to do a little of that yesterday, along with the usual house cleaning stuff I have to do on my only partial day off/week. I wish I were home doing that stuff now, though!