20 November 2008

Day 86 of 365

Outside my school as I left today. It was a beautiful day, to be sure! But what happened to all the leaves? It was autumn just a week ago or so. It's starting to look more like winter every day now. At least it's not freezing cold (for the moment).

By the way, I was this close to going to the Pittsburgh-Atlanta game tonight (with killer seats!) Mandy couldn't go in the end, so I just came home and made a nice dinner instead. I will have a nice photo of hockey on Saturday, though. :)


UK Christine =^..^= said...

Whatcha gonna do when you get to the UK and there is no hockey?

Beth said...

I know. I've actually already thought about this! After much research, it seems there's no hockey really in London either! Wah!!! I foresee frequent flights to Sweden and Finland!