19 November 2008

Day 85 of 365: Talk about HAPPINESS!!!

Happiness is getting gas/petrol for $1.77 per gallon!!!!!!!!!!! I filled up (with my tank on empty/light on...) for $26! 14.6 gallons, too! Now THIS is how I can save more money for the move. Loving it!


Meg said...

Is this across the boards yet in the states? It was still $2-something last I heard.

Mike said...

Gas dropped here in Marion to $1.71 this morning. That means it is at least 3-4 cents cheaper in Glade Spring, Wytheville, and Atkins!

UK Christine =^..^= said...

WOW that is cheap!

Frankie said...

Im with ya on that one. We on average are one of the highest prices of gas in the country and we are now between 1.99 and 1.89 a gallon, woo hoo!

Beth said...

It's down to $1.68 here as of this evening!!! I need to drive around more just so I can fill up again. ;)

Matthew said...

1 US gallon = 3.78541178 litres
3.78541178 litres = $1.77
1 litre = $0.467584533
$0.467584533 = £0.304927295
1 litre = £0.304927295

And we are paying 89.9p per litre minmum here in the UK :(