13 December 2008

Day 109 of 365: CHEATER!

So, Saturday, I was just uninspired.... I didn't take one photo. :( I realized this a few minutes after midnight, of course! Gah! So, days 109 and 110 are a twofer. Sunday night, the running shop I work at had its annual Christmas party. It takes place at the Ritz Carlton Lake Oconee. We are treated to a WONDERFUL dinner (the best crème brulee I've ever had!) and a night at the Ritz! Needless to say, I had a great time. I swear I have been out of the house before, but I had to giggle when I walked into the bathroom and saw this phone! It reminds me of the episode of Friends when Joey has just received his first paycheck from working on Days of Our Lives and has a phone installed in his bathroom. Chandler is the first to say, "please, don't ever call me from that phone!" Me, I was thinking of who I should call first! :D

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