02 December 2008

Day 98 of 365: In training.. officially!

My dirty old shoes! I desperately need new ones, as it seems I can only go about 2.5 miles before my knee starts aching (my usual signal that shoes have gone bad). Yes, I know the irony. I work in a running shop and I can't get myself new shoes?? Well, they haven't had my shoe in my size for about 6 weeks now and the new model is arriving this week. So I'm holding out. I'm going to call tomorrow and hope they are there so I can use them for my run tomorrow. That would be ideal. I would like to go 3 miles tomorrow, so I'd really need the new shoes for that. *Cross your fingers for me!

Now, as for the title of the entry for today... after having run the half marathon the other day on practically no training, I set up my own training schedule to follow for my next event (another half- which is 13.1 miles in case you were curious). It started Sunday with 2 miles and 2 miles again today. I did 2.75 Sunday and 2.5 today! Yay! I beat my own goals. I'll be posting more about this on my running blog over the next 4 months. It feels good to take time for myself again!


geeta said...

You definitely need some new ones! I'm getting some new Mizunos for myself for Christmas. :)

Beth said...

Niiice! I guess mine will be my early Christmas present to myself as well. Just as soon as they arrive at the running shop!