18 December 2008

Day 114 of 365: Sid the Kid

Despite losing to the Pens tonight, it was a fun game. I was in section 120 behind the goalie and had a great view! Here's the golden boy of the Pens at the moment. Hopefully you can appreciate how close I really was! Best part is that there are 3 more games Mandy has tickets to in these seats. Woot!


ceelynn said...

Oh how I love Sidney Crosby... I feel a bit like a pedophile, but hes of age! I am jealous that your team is in the East - all my favourite teams are in the East and they hardly ever come here. Boo!

Beth said...

You have more than one favorite team, too? Yes, I'm sorry you live in Colorado. I don't like them either. :p My sister says she wants to have Sid's babies! LOL Every time he came down to our end of the ice, she would scream, "Beth! Take his photo! Take his photo!" She did this for Malkin and Fleury, too!