25 December 2008

Day 121 of 365: Christmas time is here again!

I love this photo of my mom's hands making biscuits. She makes them throughout the year, but since I don't live at home, I only get to enjoy them on Christmas morning! She is well skilled at making them and uses the same recipe her grandmother used. After mixing and a quick kneading of the dough, she rolls the dough out on wax paper using the trusty tupperware cup that is at least 25 or 30 years old!! It's always an amazing treat to eat mom's biscuits. Today, my sister also tried out a breakfast potato casserole recipe for the first time. Yummy! We also had our Christmas morning mimosas. Double yum!!

For fun, I am including other photos I took this morning of the biscuit-making process:

  • After rolling out the dough, she uses her grandmother's biscuit/cookie cutter to press out the biscuits.

  • Here are a couple of shots of the biscuits ritually lined up on the tray.

  • Hot and golden coming out of the oven.

  • Ready for immediate consumption!!


UK Christine =^..^= said...

YUMMY!!!! :)

Flowing Desert Photography said...

You are making me hungry and after eating a ton Christmas eve and again yesterday, that is probably dangerous.

Beth said...

They were very yummy! I was the lucky one who got to take home the 2 left over biscuits, too!! I really should learn how to make them myself, because then I could have them more often. On second thought, maybe not! LOL