23 May 2009

Day 241 of 365: Home Sweet Home

I went to get my hair cut/colored today (looks fabu!) and stopped by the house afterwards. Mom had made my favorite macaroni and cheese for lunch! I wasn't expecting lunch but it was quite welcome. Mmmmmm.

On the way home, I got stopped by a cop (speeding! Oooops!) and I totally forgot to get a picture!! I keep envisioning a picture of the lights in my rear view mirror (after we're stopped of course! Not that I'd be evading police to take a photo!) Oh well.. next time?? Oh, and he let me off with a warning! PHEW!!! I fessed up that I knew I was speeding and going about 50-55. I honestly thought it was a 45 zone. Apparently that stretch of road is 35. Eeps. Now I know!


Meg said...

Lucky!! I NEVER got off with just a warning. Even once when crossing into VA from NC the limit dropped from a dramatic 70 to 55 and I HONESTLY didn't see any signs (cause I thought I was smart with my car on cruise control).

My luck, the guy still decided to be an asshat and issue me a ticket.

Beth said...

Yes, I've been lucky a couple of times now! Thank goodness because that would have been a waste of spending money for sure!