28 May 2009

Day 246 of 365: Hellooooo trailer park life :(

So here's where I will be spending next school year. Quite sad and drab compared to my old room. :( I might have to work on that when I set up class for next year!! Oh, and all those boxes in the photo? They belong to the teacher who was there before me. She left them for the custodian to move for her (I did all my own moving, since they have enough to do!) My stuff is all safely inside the closets.

Oh, and remember my fabulous "wall o' windows"? Here's my new tiny window view. It looks out to the dumpster behind the cafeteria. :(


ceelynn said...

Why the room demotion!? What a shame. When I was a kid, I extra hated my classes in the trailers.

The New Mrs. C said...

I never had classes in trailers, BUUUTTTT....I will say that I'm sure you can make the room absolutely gorgeous. Maybe you can find some cool stuff in Paris this summer? :)

Beth said...

Possibly... I've got tons of decorations, so posters and stuff will help.

Carey- my old classroom had a language lab that you can see in the photo for the day before (at the top.. it comes down from the ceiling!) It was decided that we weren't sharing the lab enough (despite the other teacher not being really concerned to use it!) so I had to move.... Bleh.