30 May 2009

Day 248 of 365: Ready, Steady...

So here are the bags, all packed and ready to go! They aren't completely full, leaving me some souvenir room and to help with the weight. It ended up being a problem going from Dublin to London on BMI because they have a 20kg limit (combined) and I had 25kg. That woman wanted to charge me 11 euros per kilo over! I was able to get everything through without charge, but certainly not without quite an attitude on her part. Geesh.

Oh, and I just have to show you how super cool the inside of the bags looks:

I *heart* organized travelling!!


ceelynn said...

Great job! I love packing for trips :) Have an amazing time. Tell Brighton and Covent Garden I said hello!

The New Mrs. C said...

I would MUCH rather be in London today with you than waiting for this mattress...lol.

Soon. REAL soon though. xxx