02 March 2009

day 188 of 365: Lo-lo-lo-lo- Lole

I had planned on taking a photo of the beautiful "snow day" we had today (no snow to be seen once I got out and about this afternoon...) but I was already on my way to work when I tried to take the photo and the camera reminded me I'd forgotten to replace the memory card. Ah well. I got this new shirt at the shop tonight however (woot for employee discount!) It's a bit wrinkled from being folded up in the bag, but you get the idea. It's so cute and I can't wait till it's warm again! I have several skirts it will look so cute with! Lole is the cute, casual line we carry in the shop. I love their clothes and am already eyeing a couple of other pieces. I have to act quickly because the normal person sizes sell out quickly.

And yes, this was taken in my bathroom. No judging please! It was just the one place I could hang the shirt to take the photo!


ceelynn said...

That is adorable!! I love it. I imagine it will have a place in your luggage when you go to England :)

Beth said...


FutureMrsC said...

VERY cute top, hon. It'll look fabulous as you're strolling ANYWHERE. :D