25 February 2009

Day 183 of 365: Half way!

This is where I spent 2 hours of my afternoon on a so-called "early release" day from school. Basically all it means is we have several classes as normal, kids get to go home early (when it still feels like we had a whole school day!), then we teachers get forced to sit through 4+ hours of meetings. At one point I thought I might scream out loud. I felt about how that tree looks in the photo. We've got one more of these days this year!! Thank goodness.

On another note, I just would like to point out that I've officially reached and surpassed the halfway mark in my 365 blog! Some days were definitely better than others, but I am happy that I haven't given up on this blog. Hopefully, there are many more random photographic snapshots of my life to come! Maybe some will even be interesting! ;)


FutureMrsC said...

Ummm....Miss Beffers, I ALWAYS enjoy your posts! So don't think they're uninteresting.

Sorry you had a boring day at school yesterday though....darn meetings. Buuuttt....atleast you have something to look forward to in a few weeks time. :)

And the security word at the bottom is "conap".....maybe that means we both want to take a nap?? lol

Beth said...

LOL Sure! Like that episode of Friends when everyone walked in on Joey and Ross?

And thanks. It's nice to know someone enjoys the blog. :)