22 February 2009

Day 180 of 365: Dedication

This is one of my favorite books and gifts I've ever received. My Beatles friend MaryRuth gave this to me way back in 1995. I had no idea when I would finally be able to get to go to London, but I knew I had to bring this when I did. I've now been able to use it 4 times. I was talking about it to someone (hi Patty!) tonight and I started getting excited about using it again this summer! Though, I'm tempted to buy the updated version. I might see if I can find it at the bookstore and compare it to my version. I'm definitely going to methodically work on seeing as many Beatles' sites as possible this year, though. Hee!

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FutureMrsC said...


Hello! :) And please, whenever you want a friend/Beatles buddy to go with you, give me a shout! *hugs*