16 February 2009

Day 174 of 365: Clean up time!

This is how I spent the majority of my "day off"- deep cleaning my fridge. It looks pretty damn good, though (if I say so myself). It is very calming to open and look into the nicely organized shelves now! I vow to keep it like this! I will! I need to have a strict rule with leftovers-
48 hours to eat them or they are trash. I also need to stop buying so much salsa. I swear there were 10 half-used jars. Crazy.


FutureMrsC said...

HA! I think vegetarians have a thing with salsa. My Dad is on a vegan diet right now, and I've been a veggie (as you know) and we have this GIANT bottle of salsa. It's the whole sale club size. Maybe I'll take a photo of it later for my blog tonight JUST for you?

ceelynn said...

I am jealous of how much food is in your fridge. I think my fridge has a bottle of spaghetti sauce, water, a pear, 2 oranges and some strawberries. Not much I can make with those ingredients!! I didnt know you were a veggie too, Patty. Woo! We're taking over the world!

Beth said...

Apparently vegetarians are more likely to watch too many romantic movies, or so I've heard! ;)

Carey- come on over. I'll make you some dinner! I made a yummy orzo dish with fresh garlic, onion, pepper, cilantro and tomatoes. Cheese toast to go along side.