12 April 2009

I'm baaaaaack!

Hey folks! I've been soooo soo busy the past weeks that the blog just had to get put aside for a bit. I've taken some photos which I will upload here tomorrow as a sort of catch up in one post so you can at least see I hadn't totally forgotten. I just don' t have photos for each day, so I'm not going to bother to try to catch up for all the missed days. I'm just continuing from here! It's my 365 so I guess I can bend the rules when necessary! :)

Sunrise out back porch.

3/20/09: First day of Spring celebration- free Italian ice at Rita's!! (I had raspberry and mango- yummo!)

3/21/09: Kittye and her daughter Katie! Fun girls night out at Taco Mac. Go Wildcats!!!

3/28/09: Bib number for Georgia ING Half Marathon the next morning! My obsessive need to be prepared for races the night before.

3/29/09: Finisher's medal from the race. The little city scape that says "finishers" spins all the way around, too! Fun!

3/31/09: Went to the Georgia Aquarium. It claims to be the world's largest aquarium and opened in 2005. This was my first time going. Nothing like out of town visitors to get you to see your own city!

4/1/09: Blooming tree (I think it's a cherry tree) outside the High Museum in Atlanta. Went to see the Chinese Terracotta Army exhibit. It was fantastic, as was the beautiful spring weather!!

4/5/09: Giant guitar hanging outside Sun Studio in Memphis! Well worth a visit!! I loved being inside the studio where Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, U2, and even Elvis recorded!! You could just feel the music oozing from the walls. If they could talk....

4/6/09: Blue Plate Cafe where we had breakfast both mornings in Memphis. Southern diner feel, but really good, high quality food!!

4/7/09: Chattanooga Choo Choo! It really exists! :)

4/10/09: Watch out Toto!! We had major thunderstorms and tornadoes in Georgia just 3 days after there was snow. Must be springtime in Georgia....

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ceelynn said...

Welcome back!! Looks like you had a great Spring Break :)