23 April 2009

Day 212 of 365: I've made it!

I'm an official pledge member of the Taco Mac Passport club. Basically, they give you a (free) card to keep track of all the beers you drink. At certain levels, you get rewards. I've got 29 beers now (I should have more, but couldn't find the card for about a year!) I was reading the information sheet they have at the bar Thursday night (I'd gone back to get a second Yuengling glass so I'd have a set!) and it turns out I was supposed to get a free t-shirt 16 beers ago. So here it is. Not sure where I'm going to wear it- maybe just to sleep in?? But hey! It was free! The next level (50 beers) I get a $10 Taco Mac gift card. That's infinitely more useful!

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