20 April 2009

Day 209 of 365: Life is like..

... a box of Swiss chocolates! Heh. I went to my friend Marcel's house for dinner tonight and his aunt and nephew from Switzerland were visiting. She made a fantastic mushroom/cream sauce on fettuccine with salad and then fresh fruit for dessert. I had a fun time catching up with them (I'd met them last year) and of course seeing Marcel and his new house! At the end, he gave me this box of Nestle Swiss chocolates. They are dark chocolate squares and are absolutely divine!! I'm only able to eat 2 or so at a time. I'm definitely hooked, though, and quite happy I don't have to share them with anyone!!


Rudy Martinez said...

That ooks ike some Chinese puzzle game

Beth said...

LOL A yummy, delicious, chocolatey puzzle game! Woot!