11 January 2009

Day 138 of 365: Casino Night (or hot hockey boys in tuxedos ;) )

This is Ilya Kovalchuk making his acceptance speech after finally officially being named team captain for the season!! Many people have been hoping for this to happen (including me!) and it was amazing to be just a few feet away from him when he found out and they presented him with the C jersey!

They had just introduced all the players on stage when Don Waddell said "I need Ilya to come up front, please." Ilya then said "Am I being traded?" Everyone chuckled at that! It was just the beginning to what turned out to be one of the most amazing nights! There were many surreal moments all evening! I learned how to play blackjack and even won (sort of) $12000 in chips! The guys were sort of helping us along with making sure we had winning hands most of the time, but it was a blast! I'm ready for Vegas or Mississippi now!

I have to admit, I'm already thinking about going again next year if I'm still here (most likely). Do you think they'd notice if I wore the same dress??


UK Christine =^..^= said...

Where is the picture of you in your dress???

Stephen Andert said...

Have to see the pic of you in the dress to say whether or not you could wear it again next year. If you look hot enough (which I suspect is the case) then guys would not remember the dress, only the great person they met.

Beth said...

Stephen :blush:!!!