15 June 2009

Day 264 of 365: Bath time!

I took a day trip out to Bath today (about 1 1/2 hours outside of London) and had a wander around. I went to the Roman baths first in the morning, then after having a picnic lunch in front of the Abbey, I headed inside. I was just in time for their 1:10 Summer event series. On Mondays, it's a reading from the Bible which lasts about 30 minutes. He read from the book of Acts (chap. 8-10) which was interesting. There wasn't any preaching or praying or anything like that. Just a simple Bible reading, which with the backdrop of the beautiful Abbey was a relaxing few moments of the day.


Kim said...

Yay for Bath! I'm headed there this weekend to visit friends and I can't wait!

Beth said...

Enjoy! I thought Bath was superb. See if they'll take you to the Courtyard cafe near the main Abbey square. That was lovely!!