03 June 2009

Day 252 of 365: Number 3 Savile Row

Hidden behind the main drag of Regent Street is Savile Row. If you are Beatles fan, then you know what this place is significant for! If you look up, waaaaay up, to the roof, you might recognize the view. This is where they played their last ever live performance together on January 30, 1969! The building was their Apple offices for a while (until they moved to Abbey Road) which is why they chose to play here. It was cool to be able to stand on the stairs there (yes, I'm one of those fans...) I can't believe I was so close to here all these visits and didn't even think to come see it. The street is very quiet now, but I can only imagine how amazing it was for the shop and office workers to suddenly hear live Beatles music coming from outside! I also passed by the police station from where officers were sent down to stop the noise back in 1969.


The New Mrs. C said...

They sure DID pass the audition. ;)

*drools over the photo*


Beth said...

Teehee! I could almost hear the concert when I was standing there! I wish someone had been with me to take a picture in front of the door! We can go back WHEN (not IF) you come up to London finally!! :)

The New Mrs. C said...


*claps and giggles like a school girl*